Acetone Fuzz

A truly outlandish fuzz that spits out synth-like tones when you bend notes high up on your fretboard.
"Cleans up" when you roll your volume knob back... play a jazz chord and you will think you accidentally
purchased a ring modulator. Throw a drum machine through this thing and it will sound like it was tumbling
around inside a washing-machine. Too distorted you say? Blend in some of the original signal for some sanity.

A review:
"it sounds like the lower setting has a mild lower octave added to it or some kind of strange square wave..
i dont really know.. all i know is that when you play it through an amp for the first time you just want to smile
at the godzilla sized burp that just ripped your mind in half"

Left knob controls how much of the original signal is blended in, while the right knob acts as your standard
volume control. Left switch bypasses the effect while the right switch acts as a toggle for the tone. In the off position
you get a treble-heavy sound, which brings out a lot of the higher overtones and harmonics the pedal generates.
In the on position you retain a lot of low frequencies, making it great for bass players.
This pedal operates off any standard 9volt power supply (like a BOSS or 1Spot adapter).

All recordings below were done with a Fender Stratocaster plugged direct in with no additional effects.
For a reasonable replication of the effect within your personal setup I encourage re-amplifying the following material.